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Family Pictures
I've put a few family photos here that you will probably be interested in. Click on the small picture(s) to go to the larger picture. I will work on them to make them similar to the Upson Alliance picture shown in the center column.

The first picture is a family picture that I'm guessing was taken sometime between 1921-1925. 

The next picture has a number of the grand-children of John and Ella. Can you find yourself or you mother or dad?



This website is being initially established as a place for the descendents of John Franklin Colquitt and Ella Denson Black Colquitt to share information regarding our joint history and current lives.


I've taken  information from the Thelma Wells Price book on the Colquitts and put it into a genealogy program (Family Tree Maker for those who are interested). Click here  to see a presentation of that data.  I have NOT independently verified the accuracy of all these familial connections, and there are some who question some of the lines. Maybe together we can learn more about our shared family history.

Newly added. Using a program called phpGedView, we've added the contents of Zelma W. Price's "Colquitt Volume." Click here  to open that program and look around at the decendants of John Colquitt from seventeenth century Isle of Wight County, Virginia. There are still a number of linkage issues and a other problems, but I believe it is now sufficiently useful. Remember, the contents, with a couple of exceptions where I've added a very tiny bit, only go through her publishing date of 1959.

A Picture From a Previous Generation
In going through some old photos, Tim Turner, great-grandson of Mildred Elizabeth (Colquitt) Hudgins, came across this photo and sent it to me. I just had to share it with you all. This is James Banks Colquitt, father of John Franklin Colquitt. James Banks was killed at the first Battle of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. (Click on the picture on right to see the larger picture).

John and Ella Celebrate 50 Years
 Family and friends gathered at the home to help celebrate their 50th anniversary. (Click on the picture on right to see the larger picture).
Many of John's and Ella's children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, cousins, and other relatives along with neighbors and friends joined them at their family home on November 8, 1936 in celebration of their 50 years together. Daddy told Mother in a letter dated 11-5-1936 that they were expecting a lot of folks. (click here to see the letter). I'm sure no one here would have thought that within 3 months "Mama" would be dead. My mother always said that "Mama" died of a broken heart after her baby went off down to Tifton and got married.

Check out the picture and see if you recognize yourself or anyone else. I'd like to get the name of each person in the picture and through the magic of electronics be able to show the names of each one in the picture.  

Upson Alliance Warehouse

Upson Alliance Warehouse was very important to the Colquitt family during the early days of the 1900s. Click on the small picture to the right to see a full-size picture of the stockholders of 1935. If you pause the cursor over the face of each person, that person's name will be displayed.
I was reading some letters that Daddy wrote to Mother during the months leading up to their marriage and in these letters he continually referred to the bales of cotton they were receiving and then delivering Martha Mills. He mentioned several times the number of receipts he had to fill out. In one letter he told her that he had to fill out 345 receipts before he went to bed that night.

Well, Upson Alliance Warehouse is no longer the warehouse I remember from the 1940s when Daddy worked there with Uncle Jimmy McEachern, but it is still in operation. You can find the web site for the current company operations by clicking here.

Memories of Bethany 
Anne Howell Jones shares her memories of Bethany; especially those 4th Sundays in June.

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